What Distractions Do You Have?

Distractions Are Taking Over My Life!

I work from home, running my home based business and the wife is always on at me, the kids are so needy, my team always interfere with my daily routine and so I get nothing done!

Who said running a successful online business was as easy as 1, 2, 3,?


Or even four or five!

Er not me, but I also maintain the top paragraph is a phoney … I do run my successful online business from home but those distractions are man made … I made them!

They are not distractions in my book nor should they be ignored or simply swept under the carpet … if we had any carpet on the floors downstairs LOL

Freedom Lifestyle

NO they are the reason I do what I do today, yesterday, and into tomorrow and beyond … I married my wife and I was involved in the conseption of my two lovely sons, luke and Toby … so as much as I can I embrace their distractions.

Most of my team know first hand that Luke loves nothing more than to run around the laminate flooring with a truck or some other toy … just as I am speaking on skype to them. He always use to scream everytime my good friend Jon would phone me. He was and still is pretty good in the background of most of my videos.

He is part of my family and hence part of my business and is why I chose this freedom lifestyle we now benefit from.

So please think about those around you that tell you to focus and shut out all the distractions around you, you may one day wake up and they have left you without a warning (well one you could hear). No my wife isn’t running away, but all too often you find this happen and then you become wealthy and unhappy … money only helps the world go around it won’t make you happy!

So enjoy some of those so called distractions as they are the reason we do what we do!

Distractions are only distractions, if you let them be, keep them as a reminder of why we do this … a Freedom Lifestyle of choice!

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